The true story of a mother who has personally hunted down the gang that killed her daughter for 3 years will be made into a movie

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A project new movie will be filmed by Blumhouse Productions (American television and film production company) in the near future based on the true story of a mother named Miriam Rodríguez Martínez, who single-handedly hunted down the kidnapper gang with a gun. and murdered his baby daughter.


It happened in 2012 in Mexico, Karen – Martínez’s 20-year-old daughter was kidnapped and blackmailed by a group of thugs. They repeatedly asked Martínez to pay the ransom, but even when the poor mother did as they said, they still did not return her daughter. In 2014, Karen’s body was discovered. At that time, shootings, kidnappings, and mutual payments occurred in Mexico as usual, so I did not expect to be able to rely on the police or local authorities. Martínez decided to personally seek justice for his deceased daughter.

During the next three years, Martínez followed every trace of the gang that kidnapped Karen. She followed them online, made friends with their families and disguised herself as a health worker, an election official,… – did everything she could to get information about the thugs. Finally, Martínez found 10 men who kidnapped Karen in the past, she forcefully controlled a killer for an hour before the police arrived and arrested them all.

Unfortunately, this gang is not just 10 people, they are a professional criminal organization. It’s not easy for Martínez to challenge criminals. In May 2017, while Mexico was celebrating Mother’s Day, she was shot and killed on her doorstep. Later, the city of San Fernando in Mexico made a large bronze plaque in the central square in memory of the brave mother Martínez. Her son, Luis, is now running a support group for families with a loved one missing or abducted similar to Karen.


As soon as an article titled “She Stalked Her Daughter’s Killers Across Mexico, One by One” was published in the New York Times on December 13, the sentence The story quickly attracted attention. The story rights were put up for auction on December 15, sparking a heated battle between 16 interested studios. Blumhouse Productions eventually acquired the rights to produce the film. Although Blumhouse is primarily known for its low-budget horror films, given the realism of the plot, this is sure to be something to look forward to.​

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