The Ultimate Guide to Leveling Up for Beginners Swordsman VNG

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Just like other role-playing swordplay games, to experience many features in Swordsman VNG, players must achieve certain levels. For example, to open the battlefield feature, the player must reach level 60. Or to own the Dark Weapon, the player must also reach level 79 or higher.


For beginners, in order to quickly level up and open new features, players have to work hard through the initial basic tasks. Below, Swordsman will list for you activities that get a lot of EXP, helping players level up extremely quickly.

Extremely fast leveling activities at Swordsman VNG
first. Crossing the Earth Prison


Breaking the Dungeon is a multi-tiered quest, where the player will have to kill the monsters of each floor to get EXP and rewards. With this activity, gamers can hang PK machines and still receive EXP evenly. In addition, the player can increase 50%, 100% or 200% EXP gained by using Gold to Cheer in battle.


Each day, the character has 60 minutes to enter the map. Players can use gold to increase the time of the challenge. This is a fairly quick level-up quest that doesn’t require much effort. Successfully killing monsters, you also have the ability to receive an extremely attractive drop bonus.

2. Single copy: Ingredients


Copy is also a feature where players can quickly level up. Low level players can also easily enter the Duplex. There are many types of copies for players to choose to challenge. The Material is one of the Duplicates that one can accumulate EXP fairly quickly.


Passing this Copy, players not only receive large EXP points, but also collect materials to cultivate Charms, Riding Animals, Boundaries …

3. Single copy: Khieu Chien


Chien Chien is the next version that you should not miss if you want to plow EXP fast. This copy has quite a few floors, each floor can pass the player can receive up to 600,000 EXP and many other valuable items.

4. Single copy: EXP


This is exactly the copy for level players. The rate of getting EXP when challenging in this version can be up to several tens of thousands of EXP per second. The higher the difficulty in the copy, the faster the rate of getting EXP will increase. In this copy, your experience points will certainly increase rapidly, and the level will of course go up quickly.


Above are a few activities that help players accumulate EXP and level up quickly. Gamers do not ignore these activities to have the opportunity to own more terrible equipment when leveling up, experience new extremely attractive battlefields as well as compare levels with friends.

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