6 strengths of Fortnite surpassing PUBG

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PUBG is the first game to fire up the genre Battle Royale dominating the gaming world at the moment. However, one of its “juniors” is Fortnite is proving that the “afterborn” is not necessarily the inferior. Here are 5 distinct advantages of the game compared to the man.

Few bugs


In Fortnite, if you die, you’ll know it’s because of your poor shooting or “probably” bad luck. However, if it’s PUBG, then you can completely blame it on bugs or jerks or lag or other miscellaneous errors. PUBG has been through a fairly long period of early access, but serious technical problems are still causing players’ game experience to be annoyingly interrupted. Compared to it, Fortnite is surprisingly smooth and bug-free.

Associated with the holidays

Fortnite Christmas Update.

You will always feel welcome in Fortnite BR. Unlike PUBG, Fortnite knows how to make players feel the atmosphere of the holiday during special occasions like Christmas or New Year, with lights all over the map or brightly decorated Christmas trees. brilliant. Maybe, for many people, it’s just a slight change in graphics, and has no effect on gameplay. However, for others, feeling the holiday atmosphere in their favorite game is an advantage worth noting.

Creative gameplay


If PUBG is a game that sticks to reality, Fortnite has extremely interesting creations in its world. Most valuable, perhaps nothing but the game’s crafting system. Are you stuck in the middle of an empty field surrounded by 4 or 5 enemies? What are you waiting for without creating your own wooden walls to block bullets? Of course, your enemies can destroy those walls in an instant, but you will have a better chance of surviving if you find yourself in a similar situation in PUBG.
If you are a gamer who loves stealth, Fortnite is even more suitable for you. In the game, you can even create yourself a bush to hide, much more freely than PUBG.

Constantly updated, lots of new content


Fortnite itself is a game with a lot of interesting elements, so adding new play mods to the game’s Battle Royale mode is also much easier. Almost every week Fortnite has new updates with new content, while PUBG is still engrossed in its stale bugs. When will PUBG have a daily mission system? Or rank mode and gifts for each level? Fortnite now has a Battle Pass with more than 65 gifts for players to slowly discover in just one season.

Epic Games is a responsible producer

If you encounter a problem, or a bug in Fortnite, chances are that the bug you encountered has been clearly explained by Epic Games itself on major forums like BR Reddit, as to why it appeared. , and when will it be fixed. Normally, such bugs will be fixed by Epic Games within one to two weeks, much faster than what Bluehole did for PUBG. Recently, they are even planning a hotfix system, which will fix many problems without even needing a major update. That, of course, is much more convenient for gamers’ experience.

Free of charge

Finally, you can enjoy all the above advantages for free. What about PUBG? Hiring a nickname is also a good option.

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