The Xi Jinping community joins hands to help a young man suffering from kidney failure and hepatitis C

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The character mentioned in this article is Duc (address of neighborhood 22, Yen Dong commune, Y Yen district, Nam Dinh province), a young man who is only 23 years old but is fighting every day to win his life. when suffering from 2 terrible diseases at the same time – hepatitis C and kidney failure level 4. Although he is at the most beautiful age with full of youth and full of future ahead, his family situation is too difficult. so it’s very likely that Germany has to “stop” her life here.​


Because her kidney failure was too severe, there was only one cure left, which was a kidney transplant. In the face of her son’s critical condition, Duc’s mother was ready to donate her kidney. However, the remaining cost must also be more than 300 million VND, which for a farming family, that amount is too much to manage. Therefore, Germany’s chance to live is almost gone.


Talking about his situation, Duc said that because his family was poor, he went to work to earn money after finishing his studies. Although many times before, he felt tired in his body, but because he was subjective and had no conditions, Duc did not go to the doctor. Only recently, while working, because he was so tired, Duc fainted and was taken to the hospital by everyone. Only now did I know that I was suffering from hepatitis C and severe kidney failure at the same time. Everything happened so suddenly that the boy couldn’t help but break down.

I don’t know where to get the money for the surgery, so much so that Duc’s mother once thought that she would sell the rest of her kidney to get money for her son’s treatment. As long as the son is healthy, happy and continues to live optimistically even if his mother is no longer around.

Being informed about Germany’s situation and illness, recently, Jigsaw community called on each other to join hands to help Germany can qualify for surgery as soon as possible. The first amount of money was transferred to Germany and his family, although it was not large, it was the heart of gamers in the community. Tap Size send to Germany, hope you recover soon and overcome this difficult period.

The representative of Xi Jinping community presented a gift to Duc’s family

This action, this picture of gamers can’t help but make many people feel warm instead, contributing to bringing the image of Tap Kite to become more beautiful in the eyes of the community and society.

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