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Download now Dungeon Hunter Champions – Gameloft’s new MOBA masterpiece

MOBA is becoming an extremely powerful development genre on the Mobile platform with typical examples such as Vainglory or Union Army. That is why MOBA is placed in the sights of the big boys in the virtual entertainment industry, with the main example being Gameloft. In fact, with the once-popular Heroes of Order and Chaos pitch, the giant from France is always ready to return to this territory and assert his own no small power.

And the proof of the first step for the journey back to MOBA is Dungeon Champions – The game was originally advertised as a product ARPG Online but in fact carries true MOBA blood inside his “blood vessels”.


Dungeon Hunter Champions there gives gamers the opportunity to role-play into more than 250 different Heroes divided into many classes with unique combat styles. Opening, Dungeon Hunter Champions gives players the impression of a simple ARPG title, which is understandable when this sequel is Gameloft’s popular ARPG series. However, when diving into PvP mode, players will experience a true MOBA product.


There Dungeon Hunter Champions has all the features that make up a product MOBA Mobile complete. The first is that the match will take place in a 5v5 format with a map divided into 3 lanes with empty pillars displayed along the way. The main goal of the gamer is of course to coordinate with his real-life teammates to destroy the opponent’s main house and win the final victory. The control system of this PvP part follows the ARPG style, for gamers who are used to Arena of valor can easily get used to.


In fact Dungeon Hunter Champions been testing since August last year, but until today the game has officially released on Android and iOS. Readers can download the game for free directly here:


GameHub download - Emergenceingame


GameHub download - Emergenceingame

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