Battle Supremacy: Evolution – When World of Tanks Blitz Battles Transformers

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Few people know before invading the silver screen with special effects under the hands of Michael Bay, Transformers has been imprinted in the entertainment industry for decades across all genres. First appearing as toys in 1984, Transformers soon spread to comic books, animation, movies and, above all, video games.


The main weapon that Transformers cheats on is the image of giant super Robots with the ability to assemble and transform into countless vehicles and weapons in the blink of an eye. This immortal icon was also so influential that it became the inspiration for countless names today to follow suit, even as Transformers have traveled more than 30 years. Battle Superman: Evolution is a typical example of this on Mobile, when combining the “transformation” phases of Transformers and the fiery arena of World of Tanks Blitz.

Battle Supermacy: Evolution game trailer.

Battle Supermacy: Evolution has made no secret of its intention to show off its unique gameplay mechanics from the very first scenes. There, players in the role of pilots will get to put their hands on one of the most ultimate weapons that mankind has ever created, capable of fighting on all fronts. Not wrong, with Battle Supermacy: Evolution you can transform your combat vehicle into 3 main categories: Fighter with overwhelming range and strong firepower, Drone with medium range but high maneuverability, and lastly is the tank that dominates the ground with excellent scoring ability.


The most impressive is the ability to change these three fighting modes in a flash, shown through very smooth animations such as letting us admire the Autobots or Decepticon variants in front of us. The ability to change quickly is also a great help in real combat, when gamers can customize their attack style easily even when under fire from the enemy..


In addition to the escort missions in the single player, Battle Supremacy: Evolution It also introduces gamers to the extremely fierce online arena, with a subtle touch World of Tanks Blitz. Dramatic skirmishes and team battles in the air as well as on land will put you in a whole new challenge with real-life players very sinister.. Possessing the latest technology, Battle Supremacy: Evolution ready to deliver 3D graphics on a PC/Console level. The futuristic setting with a large environment, realistic gameplay that covers the air as well as the ground, shiny weapon models in the sunlight, will be the first strong impressions we see in the game, overwhelm the common ground of Mobile today.


Everything from gameplay to graphics, Battle Supremacy: Evolution is top of the line in terms of quality… but that’s why the game sets quite high requirements compared to today’s common ground. In addition to the upper limit iOS, Battle Supremacy: Evolution also proved too much for older devices such as iPad 2, iPad3, iPad Mini, iPhone 4S and even made the iPhone 6s “sweat” because of the high temperature. But once the hardware barrier is overcome, this will become a name that you can never ignore: http://Emergenceingame.Com/bang-xep-hang/battle-supremacy-evolution.930/

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