Watch Marvel’s Kratos fight Thor in the movie Super Fan

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If you have experienced God of Waryou probably already know the reputation of Thor in the Nordic world… one of the gods is described as having an extreme thirst for blood. In this game, God of thunder with the hammer Mjonir slaughtered the Giant race mercilessly and became a powerful weapon in the hands of Odin. However in the world MarvelThor is a superhero with a brave heart and a sense of justice… ready to sacrifice himself to protect innocent people.


That’s why the movie and game enthusiast community came up with an idea… that’s for Kratos go head-to-head with Marvel’s Thor. Yes exactly, you did not hear wrong. God of War of God of War is preparing for a great war on the God of Thunder in the project fanmade movie by Channel Mightyracoon! perform.

Here are the first images of the film before the official launch:

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