Summary of the latest Code of the Quest Empire 2023

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Immediately after downloading Quat Khoi Empire for Android and iPhone, you need to quickly enter the latest Quat Khoi Empire Code to receive Diamonds, Pearls, Expeditionary Tickets, EXP Books, Wood, Food, Strength and hundreds of resources other materials, accelerate their own development.

Currently, NPH has opened allowing users download and play Guoqiu Empire on Android and iOS. While waiting for the game to launch the official version, gamers can hunt for extremely valuable giftcodes of Moc Game NPH. Quickly use this code to own limited gifts in the game.

The code is not available at all

The latest Giftcode of the Quest Empire 2023

1. Full Code of the Latest Quest Empire

CODE 5: DQQK1201

2. The fastest way to enter the Code of the Quest Empire

Step 1: At the main interface in the game, select the . button More.

enter the code to unlock the password

Step 2: In the new table that appears, select the card GiftCode.

enter the code to unlock the game when it

Step 3: Next you enter Code of Guoqiu Empire into the blank box.


Step 4: Press OK reward exchange.

I can

– Right after that, the player receives the reward for changing the Code of the Empire game

enter the giftcode of the game to de-quat the first time

3. How to Get More New Empire Codes

During this time, you can visit the game’s homepage or fanpage, participate in the event “Show off your photos by appointment to receive crazy gifts” and receive the game’s mousepad, Gotit voucher, limited gift box and promo codes. Quoc Quat Khoi for free
– Quat Khoi Empire Homepage
– Quat Khoi Empire Fanpage
– Quat Khoi Empire Group
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

4. What’s the benefit of Entering the Code of the Quest Empire Game?

Enter Quat Khoi Empire Code to receive physical strength, materials, food, expedition tickets, EXP books, speeding buffs, avatar frames that promise your master and Mystic Empire to help you build a powerful empire, strong army powerful, defeat and conquer other player empires.

5. Introduction Game Empire Quoc Khoi

Quat Khoi Empire is an empire-building strategy game, the Game brings players back to the heyday of the Empire series. Players will start to build their own empire with 3 farmers, freely control the character to move, assign work, choose the appropriate location to build themselves the necessary constructions to develop. powerful empire.
– Realistic images inherited and developed from the legendary Empire game.
– Experience real-time battles.
– Large map, reproduce the terrain and weather exactly like in real life.
– Tactical gameplay inherits the extremely top-notch AOE monument.

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