The weirdest game in the virtual world returns with haunting graphics

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The image of a mysterious girl who is always in a room and captivates players with her dreams behind the bedroom door must be no stranger to those who have used their youth to pursue the game. Yume Nikki (English name: Dream Diary), a Japanese game for 13 years, but still does not make players bored, although the game has no longer kept the same form as the early days of its launch, but perhaps The game is a part of a beautiful memory that shows up every time many gamers recall it.


If you do not know, Yume Nikki or Dream Diary is a Japanese horror game produced in 2004, in those years the game became quite popular in the English language world, at that time people liked The novelty of the game, maybe for someone, the game is really confusing from the content to the way to play, but it is that confusion that attracts more players to explore.


However, before the launch of more and more new games, the game seems to be turned away by many people and no longer maintains the same form as before or painfully speaking, the game has drifted into the past, it is not exaggerated to say. that, with the new class of gamers, they don’t even know the existence of Yume Nikki.


But game fans, please don’t be sad because recently the game’s developer Kadokawa Corporation announced that they and Active Gaming Media have teamed up to restore Yume Nikki’s former form. It is known that this will be a 3D remake with many changes to the system and gameplay, but the gloomy and ghostly style of the game remains the same as always, besides the developer also released a few new images. making it hard for fans to hold back.


According to the plan, the game will be officially launched on Steam on March 22 with multiple languages. Now let’s wait for the game’s revival in the latest Emergenceingame.Com newsletters.

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