The hit series Westworld revealed the Game Mobile version

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Westworld HBO’s 2017 version is the robot park of opportunities, or disasters. A world where “players” can play anyone, do whatever they want, can even fight and destroy as they like without any consequences. It’s a familiar feeling for gamers when experiencing open space video games, and indeed this movie has been heavily influenced by Skyrim, Red Dead, BioShock. Unsurprisingly, when the movie finally started getting its own game, Warner Bros.’s website has started posting information about the project.


The studio confirms a title mobile games under development for Westworlds. Specific content and gameplay have not been revealed, but it is known that developer Behaviour Interactive (the author of Dead by Daylight) will collaborate with Kilter Films to make this game. The official game name has not been revealed yet.


Game Dead by Daylight by Behaviour Interactive

However, the little information revealed on the website has said that the game will “simulate the training process in the Delos company’s park”, in which the player will manage a “miniature Westworld”. , including creating and managing hosts (robots) to “delight your customers”. Of course we can expect some of the hosts to throw in extra action, leading the game to different endings but hopefully not as tragic as the ending in the movie.


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