Worried about “green tea” rumors, Ninja still refuses to play games with women

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August 2018 streamer world famous Tyler Blevins – Ninja bluntly stated that he would not live stream with female gamers. Of course, Ninja received a lot of mixed feedback at the time, some people criticized that while the world, especially the gaming industry, was actively promoting gender equality, he was not. deliberately making it difficult for women. In fact, Ninja does not mean to be sexist or discriminatory, he has a good reason to do it: to protect family happiness.


As one of the most handsome and famous male streamers in the world, Ninja has no shortage of pink shadows around, from friends to colleagues. When he announced that he did not play games with women, the biggest reason for him to do so was that he did not want false rumors online to affect his wife and their private lives. Now, 2 years have passed since then and he still maintains his opinion, limiting contact with people of the opposite sex on social networks.

In the most recent interview with David Marchese of The New York Times, Ninja once again specifically explained the reason for this problem. For Ninja, what women can do in the gaming industry is truly amazing and he respects that, but playing games with the opposite sex is very dangerous, both for him and his players.

As a celebrity, it is impossible to avoid the attention, even the scrutiny of netizens. Any action or word can be misdirected or misunderstood, especially when working with a female gamer. When witnessing the singer Justin Timberlake’s drama, Ninja couldn’t help but worry: “I don’t want to create a drama like the case of Justin Timberlake, who got caught up in rumors of an affair with actress Alisha Wainwright when the two of them had their feelings. just above the friendship level when drinking beer with the crew at the end of 2019. In fact, they were just working together but just one photo, a moment of misunderstanding caused unimaginable things. The accusations are really terrible.”


The male streamer said he still has the ability to play with female gamers, but the prerequisite must be “playing in a large group, not 1 on 1”. When asked if he would change his mind in the future, Ninja replied: “There is a lot to do but for now, I don’t want to share too much. Currently, I mainly focus on games and Valorant. You can never change the minds of netizens.”

Although the point of not playing games with women seems a bit extreme, it is clear that the reason given by Ninja is completely worth it. It also proves that the male streamer is a very psychological person and respects his wife, not letting her worry about her heterosexual relationships.

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