The wave of public opinion from Korea that Gen.G is going through

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Immediately after Gen.G was eliminated from the group stage of Worlds 2018, on Korean discussion forums, there were comments criticizing the defending champion of Worlds 2017 Gen.G.


first. [+701,-39] Among the teams Korea that I follow, this is the team that makes me feel the most humiliated. It’s already been eliminated, the performance has gone down, but who would have thought that their closing record would be so weak.

The fans who have always supported them wouldn’t believe it until the last minute that the team played such a game with no will at all. After so many years of watching Worlds This is the most embarrassing game I’ve ever seen.

2. [+482,-34] For us, the LCK has two of the best teams in history. first to be SKT15 only to lose first match, 2 to be Gen.G18 only win first match.


3. [+402,-64] From the standpoint of being a fan of LCK, Geng It’s a team I don’t like and has a boring style of play, and I don’t understand how they can beat their opponents Korea different from that boring meta to get this far. They came here just to give away their victories to the foreigners and bring national shame on them LCK never mind.

4. [+303,-17] Fighting like I have no energy… Team Vitality worked hard, we’re so sorry


5. [+228,-17] I say hey, why not let Shen support that Nami How to enter? Irelia It doesn’t really work when changing lanes but I prefer to pick first Irelia doing what? When you finished picking, come and see ‘s reaction BLV I also know that I will lose. After all, a player is just a player. Coach what the hell are you doing? Still Urgot why not take it out?

6. [+58,-2] Even if you’re bad at the game, the pick is also bad ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+56,-2] I always thought Coach Choi Woo Beom there are always good ban pick strategies but Worlds You’re the worst this time. At first I thought Shen would be support but it ended up being Nami what does that mean? There’s more, Urgot why not use it? There are many more things that I cannot understand.

I don’t regret it Geng no, but I was really hoping Team Vitality can go on. I’m so sorry for you.


8. [+51,-0] Team Vitality they also write tweet with change Avatar above Twitter theirs to cheer Geng yeah, but now we can only say sorry to them ㅋㅋㅋ Vitality ah sorry guys

9. [+39,-2] Sorry Vitality!! Really sorry we couldn’t win!!

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