Season 8 League of Legends Ranking Rewards : Every tier has a gift!

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Less than a month left until the 2018 season ends. Now’s the rush to climb your ranks and earn your season-end ranked rewards. Don’t know what the reward is? So take a few minutes to take a look and see what awaits you when the purchase is over!

So what is the reward for my rank?

Orianna Glory Costume

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The award-winning costumes for those who rank at Team Gold or higher this year will be Orianna Glory. She didn’t stand out during the 2018 season, but she has a high level of stability and has been an iconic character of League of Legends since her debut.

Orianna Glorious will be awarded free of charge to all players ranked Gold and above during the 2018 season, who have not violated other sanction and honor regulations at the end of the season.. Details of the rules of violation leading to not receiving Orianna Glory will be sent by the White Hat in another more specific article, please pay attention!

Orianna Glory Multicolor Pack

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If you reach Gold in two tiers (e.g. Solo/Duo + Flex), you’ll get a new chroma for Orianna Glory. And for those who excelled at Gold in all three queues: Single/Duo, Flex and 3v3, all the skins and chroma in the picture above will be credited to their accounts.

Series of quests to end the 2018 season

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From now until the end of the 2018 season, every weekthe Alliance Council will open a new quest for everybody with the name 2018 Season Coming to an End!

When you complete all four tasks above, you will receive Glory Porianna Icon super cute!

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2018 Season Ranking Icon

All players participating in the 2018 season ranking receive an icon corresponding to their end-of-season tier. And believe me, they will be so much better than last season!

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To receive these rewards, you must also meet the Honor conditions and not be penalized at the end of the season.

2018 Season Honor Award

Whether you are a Talented Leader, Always Calm, or a Friendly Ally, you always deserve to be rewarded for your healthy competitive attitude. And therefore, The League Council will award the 2018 Eye of Honor to any player who reaches Honor level 3 or higher, regardless of whether your rank is Bronze V or Challenger.

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This season 8 will have new corrections: The “genuine” level of the Honor eye model will gradually increase with your Honor level. The Honor 4 Eye Model will be more beautiful and detailed than the Honor 3 Eye Model, and of course the Honor 5 Eye Model will be better than all of them. Go into the game and perform well, there’s still enough time until the end of the season for you to improve your Honor.

Premium Backpack for Challenger class

The best rewards for the best players here: Challenge Backpack limited edition!

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Each server will have these 250 Challenger Backpacks to reward the top 250 in ranked mode, including:

  • 200 players in the solo/doubles Challenger tier.
  • Top 40 players in the flexible ranked Challenger tier.
  • Top 10 players ranked Challenger 3v3.

New look for rating frames

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Your rank will now be displayed in more places, including a leaderboard right in the waiting room.

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