Hearthstone: Giggling Inventor, Mana Wyrm and Avina nerfed

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Hearthstone’s latest update is coming on October 18, and here are the cards that will be changed in this update.

Giggling Inventor – Will cost 7 mana (up from 5)

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Giggling Inventor is one of the most powerful and popular cards ever. There’s no downside to having this card in a deck, and because it’s a neutral card, it can be used in almost any deck. Blizzard thinks it’s risky to make strong cards, especially when it’s neutral Taunts, given their role in encouraging interaction between minions and making the game more interesting. However, Giggling Inventor exceeded expectations at first, and the team felt it shouldn’t be as effective as it is now.

Initially, Blizzard planned to test this card at (6) mana in both the current Standard format as well as when new cards are released in the future. In the end, the team felt the power was still too high for a Neutral card that didn’t require any additional support. At (7) mana, Blizzard hopes Giggling Inventor will appear less frequently in decks – and become less effective in Quest Rogue – although it can still be used in certain deck archetypes, like Evolve Shaman.

Mana Wyrm – Will cost 2 mana (Up from 1)

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Slowly, Blizzard is avoiding strong early game 1-mana cards like Mana Wyrm. Sometimes it gives the impression that the game is decided if Mana Wyrm is present on turn one, and if it cannot be eliminated quickly by the opponent. Blizzard wants Mana Wyrm to continue to be an option for decks that can work with it, while preventing this card from becoming a major threat from turn one.

At (2) mana, it’s easier to fight Mana Wyrn the turn this card is played, it’s harder to be buffed with cheap early game spells in the match. Blizzard still hopes it continues to be the choice for decks that focus on cheap cards, but becomes less visible in decks that don’t revolve around cheap cards.

Aviana – Will cost 10 mana (up from 9)

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Changing Avina to (10) mana means we can’t use Aviana and Kun the Forgotten King at the same time without the help of cards like Innervate or The Coin. This means that Juicy Psychmelon will not be withdrawn chief Avaina and Kun. It will make Aviana and Kun combos appear less frequent, while ensuring combos are still available for those who enjoy using these cards.

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