Streamer famously received heavy bricks for playing Fortnite with Jake Paul

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Fortnite Currently, there is a trend of livestreaming with celebrities in the art world, starting with Ninja play games with the hit rapper Drake. To some, however, it seems that the word “famous” applies to anyone, in any form. And in today’s story “some of them” are Streamer Summit1g while the “famous name” he played with was Jake Paul – younger brother of Logan Paulwho just made the Internet go viral with a video of a suicide victim in Japan.


To be fair, before Logan Paul made the video of the victim killing himself and laughing on their bodies, Jake Paul had his own scandals. These scandals caused Jake Paul to receive heavy criticism every time his name appeared on the Internet. And the Fortnite Summit1g Livestream is no exception, even more intense than one might think.


As soon as the Fortnite Livestream started, the Chat section on the Twitch channel immediately received extremely heavy curses directed at Jake Paul. Their frequency of appearance is so high that Summit1g has to call on its fans on the Livestream itself:

Perhaps it is from this statement that right after the Livestream, things got even worse. Some longtime Summit1g fans think that this Streamer has turned his back on his own fans. A few people said:

However, the reaction from Summit1g made the situation worse, especially with a provocative and disrespectful tone to the fans:


Some people think that the Livestream with Jake Paul is just a part, what makes them really disappointed and unfollow Summit1g is the way he responds to fans. Immediately after the tension flared up and seemed to realize his mistake, this Streamer called for a “ceasefire” and will start Livestreaming normally tomorrow. He said: “Please don’t let this Channel die any more”.. Maybe Summit1g is starting to realize that you cannot disrespect the very people who are helping to feed you.​

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