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ROS mobile new update from 5 am tomorrow 25/4

As usual before updateROS mobile continues to release a series of extremely funny clips with the duo Jun Vu – Bao Lam.​

Jun Vu with a classy aura before ROS mobile update

For now, let’s go through the new content, optimize the system and fix the errors of ROS mobile after maintenance and update from 5am to 8am tomorrow 25/4. Maintenance may take longer than expected.

Sniff with Jun Vu – Bao Lam

1. New content:

  • Extra large gift pack, each warrior can only buy 1 time.​

  • Added the “Training Manual” system, which is attached to the season, the term lasts until the end of the season.​

  • After using GP to buy Training Manual, you will receive 2 Training Missions every day, accumulate up to 3 missions, if there are more than 3 uncompleted missions, you will not receive new missions. Completing the Training Mission will earn the corresponding Training Points to level up the Training. After leveling up Training will receive the corresponding reward. Warriors can purchase Special Medals for a richer level-up bonus.​

  • In the Training Manual there are Special Supplies to get skins, masks…​


2. Basic experience:

  • When the character approaches the wall, the weapon will be recovered.​

  • Optimize character movements in 3rd person perspective.​

  • Optimized gun swap.​

  • The fashion interface will default to showing the costume of the character’s gender.​

  • When someone in the team exits, it will automatically cancel the readiness status of all members.​

  • All friends will be displayed in the Friends Leaderboard.​

3. Interface:

  • Optimize the interface of choosing server, lobby, summarizing, making friends quickly, loading.​

4. Error correction:

Let’s join Jun Vu right into the battle survival Rules of Survival mobile to experience extremely unexpected and thrilling battles. Wish you have happy holidays with ROS mobile.

Learn more about Rules of Survival mobile:

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