The top anime about love is definitely not to be missed (P.2)

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6. Kamisama Hajimemashita (Earth God Apprentice)

Kamisama Hajimemashita is a gentle story revolving around the romance between the “Earth Apprentice” and the guardian deity. Momozono Nanami became a god in a reluctant situation, but it was fate that bound her and Tomoe. Her father, a man with a passion for gambling, disappeared after incurring a large debt. As a result, Nanami was kicked out of the house by debt collectors. In a state of homelessness, Nanami saved a strange man who was being chased by a dog, who thanked her with a kiss on the forehead and promised to give her his home. Nanami believed it, but when she got there, the house turned out to be a shrine. And things got even more complicated when Tomoe – a man with fox ears appeared.

7. My Little Monster

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My little Monster) adapted from manga of the same name by the author Robico. The film is about Shizuku, a bookworm who only knows how to study and study. The empty chair next to her belonged to Yoshida Haru, a thug monster who was suspended from school at the beginning of the year because of a fight in the school. Once by chance, Shizuku and Haru got to know each other, so their love story began.

8. His And Her Circumstances/ Kare Kano

‘Kare Kano’ is a series anime 1998, adapted from the manga of the same name by author Masami Tsuda. The heroine Yukino loves to hear praise from others, so she tries her best to study so that she is “perfect” and is the number 1 female student in the school. But when she was in high school, Yukino was very upset because there was someone “more perfect” than her, that was Soichiro Arima. After being confessed by the “enemy” and realizing each other’s true faces, the two promised themselves not to play “perfect” anymore, and have been lovers ever since. However, Yukino did not expect that the darkness in Arima was so deep, the tragedies gradually revealed.


9. Lovely Complex (Lovely Trouble)

The anime is about Koizumi Risa, a girl with an impressive height of over 1m7, surpassing all the girls in her class, thus being nicknamed the flagpole by everyone. With a cheerful disposition, Koizumi always receives the attention and support of all friends. Otani Atsushi, on the other hand, is the guy with the shortest height among the boys, over 1m55 and under 1m60 tall, participating in basketball club activities and also being loved by many boyfriends. The two protrusions when walking side by side create the famous Hanshin comedy duo throughout the school. But that doesn’t bother them when they become close friends with the same interests, the same passion and extremely suitable for food. to drink. But then a little trouble happened, Koizumi girl – who was passionate about games with tall, dashing guys, suddenly discovered that she had feelings for her “dwarf mushroom” friend Otani.


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