Can’t help but laugh with the French guy’s crazy “Mermaid” cosplay clip

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Surely many people when hearing the name Alex Ramirès will feel familiar. This is a comedian from France who specializes in producing funny clips on Youtube. The guy’s YouTube account of the same name attracts nearly 80,000 subscribers. In the most recently posted video, Alex had a “mermaid” cosplay that was so melancholy that it attracted special attention from the online community. But of course, as always, it does not cause a fever because it is a beautiful Cosplay performance that will be extremely “crazy” that will make viewers laugh.


The video begins with a scene in a redecorated room like in Disney’s famous Ariel mermaid animation. Alex also uses all the simplest props to quickly transform herself into a red-haired princess. The most funny thing is the guy’s movie-like expression and the lip sync that “matches each mouth”. The success of the video must also be attributed to the help of “heartfelt” friends, who support Alex in things such as: creating flying hair effects, raising fishtails … and of course all by the most manual method. maybe.

Currently, the video has reached more than 300 thousand views and many compliments for the super humorous idea of ​​”comedian” Alex Ramirès. Visit the Youtube channel of this French guy, you will see many other hilarious cosplay videos of him. Especially the incarnations of Disney characters will make all adults or children who have seen the original movie can’t help but laugh.

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