The times the game helped save people’s lives

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The game has always been considered by society as something useless, even harmful to young people, and has been condemned by the media with countless cases of hearing problems. But very few people know, games in many cases also become tools to help health… even save lives and put people out of danger. Not believe? So, let’s take a look at the following 10 stories with Emergenceingame.Com.


Escape death for playing World of WarCraft

In World of WarCraft at Level 30 of the Hunter Class, the player will unlock a skill called “Feign Death”. In terms of effects in the game, Feign Death causes enemies to completely ignore the character and allows the player to ensure safety. In terms of interpretation, the skill’s caption says that the character will learn a skill to fake death to confuse the enemy.


12-year-old Swedish boy Hans Jørgen Olsen applies exactly this when he and his sister go for a walk in the woods. Confronted with an extremely aggressive elk, the two sisters are in danger of being attacked and directly affecting their lives. For those who do not understand, it is easy to think that deer are dangerous? But few people know that elk in some places cause more attacks than grizzly bears, simply because of their large size, large numbers and huge horns. Moreover, with the small stature of a 12-year-old boy, just one butt of an elk is enough to endanger his life.

But with the quick wits and knowledge gained from the game Hans has ensured the safety of both himself and his sister. After shouting at the deer to distract it from his sister, he immediately collapsed to the ground according to the skill description of “Feign Death”. The elk saw that the target seemed dead and immediately ran away, helping the boy miraculously escape.

Stop the victim’s blood thanks to the game

American’s Army is one of the most realistic military simulator games with a lot of training based on real life. One of them is a training course for paramedics with extremely high detail. Gamer Paxton Galvanek soon tested the difference between the game and real life when he witnessed a car accident that took place in 2008. Seeing the car overturned, he immediately rushed to and pulled the man. He got out of the car to give first aid. Recalling the in-game image, Paxon obtained a piece of cloth and asked the man to put pressure on the place where his finger was severed in the accident, then asked him to keep his hand higher than his head to relieve pressure. blood.. Then he continued to examine the wound on the man’s head. All this knowledge of hemostasis and first aid comes from playing American’s Army even though he’s never taken a real-life first aid course before.


Save yourself from suicide

This story takes place in Canada 6 years ago when a 14 year old boy met a friend through the system Xbox Live of the game. Through conversation and communication, he noticed something wrong in the behavior of his friend who lives as far away as Texas – USA. The official police announcement then soon flashed purple about this boy’s admirable act. Accordingly, the 14-year-old boy, who remained anonymous despite the difference in country and distance, immediately contacted the police, promptly informed of his friend’s situation.

Soon after, the police went to the boy’s home with suicidal thoughts, contacted his family and helped him become more calm about his rash decision. It is worth mentioning that the 14-year-old Canadian boy spent 2 hours chatting with his friend 1500 km away, allowing him to know the exact address to help the police arrive in time.


Genius thanks to the game

Tony Hansberry II was a true medical genius when he was only 14 years old when he invented a medical device for suturing patients called Endo Stitch. Endo Stitch allows the surgeon to perform stitches along the vertical line instead of the usual horizontal, allowing a significant reduction in travel time. The time savings will allow doctors to perform other operations quickly, while novice doctors can also perform more easily. The point is that the doctors realized that Tony Hansberry II could control this device with as much expertise as professional anatomists, and he dedicated this to playing games with the controller for hours at a time. day.


Rescued from robbery during livestream

Female Streamer Nikki Elise while doing a livestream Dota 2 As usual, she suddenly heard a strange noise at the door. Standing up with the webcam still on and the livestream still going on, Nikki suddenly finds herself the victim of an armed robbery. Immediately two strangers with guns entered the frame, trying to rummage through Nikki’s apartment for valuable possessions. But the two men did not know their actions were being transmitted through the computer screen to all over the world.

Immediately the gaming community entered a state of alarm and everyone tried to contact the police force. Although at first it was impossible to know Nikki’s home address, fortunately one of her friends when watching contacted the area police, allowing them to intervene immediately. When they arrived at Nikki’s house, the police succeeded in apprehending one of the two robbers, although the other was still hiding as an outlaw. Police say the effort is a community-wide contribution, as the call comes from all over the world.

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