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Close-up of Captain America’s new shield in real life Avengers 3

This year’s blockbuster movie of the house MarvelAvengers 3: Infinity War was released that stirred up the box office in many countries around the world in recent days. As can be seen, in this movie, Captain America no longer appeared with the image of the round star-shaped shield that made its brand. Now, the superhero has a new, more compact shield, also made from the precious material – Black Panther’s vibranium from Wakanda.


Recently, a youtube account named “the Hacksmith”. America, weapons, equipment of Iron Man, Spider Man, or even the giants in Attack on Titan. Recently, they also quickly let the latest advanced weapon of “Captain America” ​​air. The shield is simulated 80-90% like in the movie, making fans Marvel couldn’t help but feel delighted. In order to prove that the shield I made was not only similar in appearance, but also equally strong, the group “the Hacksmith” went on to shoot a video testing the destructive power of this homemade shield. In fact, although it is not made of vibranium, it is also a pretty formidable weapon when it can help users easily destroy a car.​

Most people already know, after choosing to go with the Winter Soldier at the end Avengers 2: Civil War, Captain America has discarded the shield that accompanied him through many battles, with the meaning that from this word he is no longer Captain America. However, because he still has the mission to be a superhero, moreover, he is about to face the most dangerous villain in the universe – Thanos, so Steve Rogers had to equip himself with a new weapon. Black Panther’s help. With a dark costume and a new shield, fans will see a superhero in a new look and new ideal in part 3 of the series about the family’s most popular superhero team. Marvel.

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