The teenager donated nearly 6 billion to the female streamer, wanted to claim it back but was refused

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Streamer is currently a hot and new profession, bringing an ideal source of income for many young people. Part of the streamer’s income comes from viewer donations and this is a completely legitimate way to make money. However, sometimes some fans, especially younger fans, donate too much, making it awkward for both sides.​


Chinese media reported, recently a teenager living in Tianjin named Tieu Liu within 70 days donated to a female streamer the total amount is 1.58 million yuan (about 5.6 billion dong). But what is worth mentioning here is that Tieu Luu has not yet reached the age of majority and that is not the money he earns.

It is known that when she was in grade 8, Tieu Luu dropped out of school and started working as a cashier at the family’s grocery store. In the evening, when there is nothing to do, Xiao Liu often goes online to watch live stream, he was attracted to a female streamer and constantly donated to her. As time passed, Tieu Luu sank deeper and deeper, he almost donated all the money from the family’s vegetables during the day. There is even a time every night to save a donation to the other streamer 2000, 3000 yuan (about 7.1 – 10 million VND).​


Things continued like that for more than 2 months, until Tieu Luu’s parents found out. You have been in contact with livestream platform and asked to be refunded nearly 6 billion VND that his son had donated with the reason that the boy was underage but was refused. Liu’s parents decided to sue in court and eventually won. According to the court, in the case of minors under the age of minors who have spent spending activities in games or livestreaming platforms without the consent of the guardian, the guardian has the right to request a refund.​

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