Lineage 2 Revolution hits 5 million gamers, launches a huge event to welcome 2018

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Lineage is the title MMORPG was born in 1998, at a time when gamers were still playing on PCs with LAN connections. Impressive storyline, crowded battlefields and long-term care by the design team have helped this game survive the countless changes of the world game market. In 2016, when Lineage officially listed as “ancient game” then Lineage 2 Revolution suddenly launched on the mobile platform, just over 1 year of operation to collect 5 million gamers.


Lineage 2 Revolution promotional trailer starring famous MC Conan

To celebrate the 5 million player milestone, Lineage 2 Revolution opening a “terrible” New Year event with loads of gifts. First of all, the update expands the Tower of Insolence to the 70th floor, giving away 5 Enhance Scroll items as soon as you log in. Besides, there are a series of events such as equipment matching event – giving an R-level Varnish Selection box to gamers with S-level equipment, Growth Mentor event giving a level reward for every 5 completed missions.


Lineage’s evolution over 20 years

The rewards include Adena, several Blessed Scrolls and Enhance Scrolls, depending on the number of quests completed. After the above events are over, there will be an exchange event taking place on January 18. The event of logging in to receive gifts continues until the end of January 21.


GameHub download - Emergenceingame


GameHub download - Emergenceingame

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