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The superpowers that people most desire to possess (P.2)

5. Spider Sense – Spider Man

Spider-Man has a special ability called “Spider Sense”, it helps superhero sense for unexpected dangers, with a stinging sensation in the back of his neck, closely related to His reflexes are extremely good even while sleeping, he easily dodges any danger automatically, unless he doesn’t want to.

6. Transformation – Beast Boy

In Teen Titans, it can be said that Beast Boy’s greatest strength is being able to transform into any kind of animal he wants. Moreover, this ability was not limited by the size of the animals, even if it was a giant spider the size of a high-rise building, it didn’t matter. Even when Beast Boy sees an animal with some terrible power in this universe, he can transform into it in an instant. At this point, there must be no superhero that can compete with Beast Boy.

7. Through All Objects – Shadowcat

Shadowcat aka Kitty Pryde, she is a mutant with the ability to walk through any object. The essence of this ability is that Kitty directs the atoms of her body through the crevices between the atoms of the object to be passed. This passage is called “phasing”, Kitty’s state is now called “Intangible/Phased”. Kitty can also change her body color to match her surroundings, making her almost invisible to the naked eye. When in the dark, Kitty is completely invisible.

8. Seeing Through Objects – Super Man

It seems that the super powers that “Superman” possesses are the abilities that humans most desire to have. In addition to the ability to fly, Super Man can also see through most solid objects, except lead. He can also see forms of energy that are invisible to the naked eye, such as radio waves, light particles, and bioenergy fields on living bodies. Super Man’s eye is a super lens, able to see hundreds of miles away as well as see every molecule and atom.

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