Far Cry 6 reveals gameplay, for gamers… to raise fighting crocodiles as pets

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Ubisoft planning to release gameplay trailer of Far Cry 6 at 11:30 tonight (May 28) but a leaked video was suddenly posted online last night. From the background, weapons, transportation to pets, a lot of information is revealed in this 5 minute leak.

The leak was first posted by Polish YouTuber Rojson on the evening of May 27. Although it was quickly removed, it was still enough time for many people to download and re-upload it online. Accordingly, Dani Rojas – the main character of the game, has a variety of weapons available, some of which look very strange such as a shotgun with a large magazine or a launcher capable of launching CDs,… Besides, , the backpack is also considered a weapon of Dani. Of course, the backpack isn’t used to hold books, instead, it can create flames around him or fire rockets. Vehicles are also quite diverse, from horses to the classic Chevy Sedan or large displacement vehicles with machine guns mounted on the roof.


Dani will not be alone in the fight against “El Presidente” Antón Castillo because he also has a dog that can distract enemies, even crocodiles appear and have the ability to attack bad guys. Another notable change revealed in the leaked video concerns the destruction of the environment. Series Far Cry which is characterized by being friendly and creating a lot of interaction with the environment, but in Far Cry 6, explosives seem to do more damage like knocking down trees and dust. Your vision will be much limited after an explosion.

As announced, the official trailer of Far Cry 6 will be revealed at 11:30 tonight. Currently, Ubisoft is keeping quiet about all comments, but in a few hours, we will know how accurate this leaked video is. Far Cry 6 is slated to release later this year for PS4, PS5Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC and Stadia.

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