More than Diablo in Travis Strikes Again – Action blockbuster coming to PC

Quay da hon ca Diablo trong Travis Strikes Again Sieu pham hanh dong sap len PCjfgHD - Emergenceingame

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroesthe creator’s newest game Killer7Goichi “Suda51” Suda, will “launch” on Steam on October 17. This is the first time for the series. No More Heroes by Suda appeared on PC – the previous two titles were exclusives of Nintendo Wiiwhile Travis Strikes Again was first released on Nintendo Switch at the beginning of this year.

Players will take the role of hero Travis Touchdown, an otaku possessing a beam saber sword on his journey to become the world’s greatest assassin. This time, Travis is dragged into the world inside a video game console, battling bugs in games from various genres. As can be seen from the new trailer above, in addition to a lot of top-down “hack-and-slash” scenes, players will also “pierce” into games like racing, pinball, side-scrolling platformers, and tile quizzes. Players can also choose to play solo or co-op with you.


The Steam version is the “complete version”, with the base game and two DLC released for the Switch version, with content including new levels, characters, and skills. Players can also experience the game at resolutions higher than 1080p by unlocking the frame rate.

The game is currently priced at $ 36 / £ 27.89 (about 833,328 VND), 10% off the original price.​

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