Titan Quest – Can’t help but play “Diablo Killer” on Mobile

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Surely you can’t forget the name Titan Questa game that was once considered a “killer” Diablo” with the ultimate action role-playing game on PC/Console. Released 10 years ago, the influence of Titan Quest is still strong in the minds of many people, making them want to see the game they love again. old quarter.


Meet that expectation, team DotEmu brought Titan Quest back to the gaming world, but now not with a mouse, a keyboard or a controller, but on a mobile screen. With the first iOS landing, the game soon achieved great success and stood in the ranks of the popular PC/Console products docking Mobile.


About the plot, Titan Quest is the journey of an unknown hero between the ancient world, which is in turmoil of war. It all started when the rebellious Titan was imprisoned after a war with the Olympians. Despite being defeated, a series of smaller Titans escaped and created their own army. They drive the army of monsters everywhere to harm humans, plotting to free the stronger Titans to cause a new war. With the mandate of the Olympians, you will become the unsung hero carrying the task of defeating the other rebel forces.


Titan Quest returns to the true Diablo nature of the day, where gamers will describe the conflict between all the monsters and drop their energy to gather the weapons and armor that flood the screen. And yet, basic attacks or peak skills will be unleashed, allowing players to suppress enemies whether it is a bunch of minions or powerful bosses. Besides, of course, you will also return to the equipment system, where players can develop their characters with extremely powerful items. Various types of swords – armor with colorful text or gem slots, will give players a choice. The system of adding skills and stats is also very intensively invested, allowing the main character to develop in many ways at the same time. That’s not it Titan Quest Previously, it was always famous for allowing gamers to freely combine close-range swordplay with ranged magic.


Now the game is available on both Android and iOS, ready for you to read the super product Titan Quest for free directly here:​


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