The movie 7 Dragon Balls created by fans caused a community storm

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Talk about 7 Dragon Balls – Dragon Balll.. is that we talk about legendary comic pages, Anime movies associated with childhood years. However, when looking at the live-action film segment.. this is an overwhelming disappointment, an unforgettable stain when Hollywood filmmakers turn a youth legend into an unrecognizable monstrous product.


It is because of that unforgivable “crime” that fans decided to solve the problem with their own hands. Since then, a series of fan-made films have tried to convey the image of 7 Dragon Balls into real life. Although the production process cannot be as good as a complete movie and the acting and props are still rudimentary, it is true that the fan-made products have their own unique personality and coolness.


Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope – 7 Dragon Balls – Light of Hope, the film by the team Robot Underdog doing.. is a prime example of that. Before someone rushes to comment that the characters in the movie have the same shape.. let’s take a moment to watch the fanmade masterpiece with these super cool combat.

Light of Hope instead delves into Goku’s plot, bringing viewers to a future when Android robots have killed almost all of the Z Fighters. The Goku or Vegeta that we have known all died at the hands of these cold-blooded people.. The world now only depends on Gohan, Bulma and Trunks (Ca-Lich). However, when Trunks could not awaken the Super Saya inside of him, Gohan was forced to face the killing machines alone.. And as fans already know, where did his fate go.


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