Beware of two people who specialize in defrauding card money at Net shops in Hanoi

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Recently on a group for people net business has posted information about 2 subjects who specialize in defrauding card money at net shop in Hanoi, especially in Thanh Xuan and Ha Dong areas. Specifically, the owner said:

“Last night, after 4 o’clock, he went to my shop to take advantage of the beeb customer next to him to go to the bathroom, he left his phone on the table, then he took the Iphone 5s and ran away. This error was caused by the customer’s negligence, so I did not find it to do anything. Post it so that the machine room owners and net players know and avoid, especially the issue of selling cards.


The above two subjects were each subjected to numerous incidents net shop owner hunted for card fraud.


They were even sent to the ward and to channel 141. Specifically, on August 4, 2017, two subjects went with a motorbike to a game store in Khuong Thuong ward, Dong Da district, Hanoi. . Here, two subjects played a game of buying game cards. The staff themselves are also quite wary when asking guests to give money first and then issue the card. One of the two subjects saw this, held money in his hand to create trust and offered to buy a game card with a face value of 1 million dong. However, the amount of money that the subject gave the employee was only 800,000 VND. After the staff gave the game card, the subject secretly used the phone to capture the game card code. Then make an excuse not to have enough money and return the card, get the money back. Finished, feeling delicious, the two subjects continued to perform the game a second time, also with the same trick. After the two subjects left, staff play Station After checking, it was discovered that 2 game cards worth 2 million VND had been recharged after only a few minutes of the subjects leaving the shop. Game shop owner identified two subjects and sent denunciations and evidence to the police.

Currently, the two subjects are begging the owner of the restaurant to withdraw the lawsuit and take down the video online.


However, it seems that they did not show any remorse or guilt for what they did but still showed that disability, lurking around at internet cafes to “act”. Therefore, computer room owners, net shops as well as players should be careful to avoid unwanted damage.

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