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Details of the Rules of Survival update on July 4

Just follow the schedule, Rules Of Survival will be maintained and updated once a week. The Rules Of Survival update on July 4 adds EXP level bonus, the Escape feature when sitting for a long time on the car, optimizing some features for a smoother experience. Please follow the update details in the article below.

ROS Update

Details of the Rules of Survival update on July 4

1. New content:

  • In “Dynamic bonus every day” open more “Rewards level experience”
  • Vehicles added feature EscapeWhen stopped in a position for too long, the button “Escape“. This feature will help vehicles get into the lag corner and are” locked up “indoors, or trapped.

2. Basic experience:

  • Added “Death Race” content in Schedule.
  • Allows displaying the history of items received in the Chat.
  • Expand your helicopter’s props pick-up range in Death Race.
  • Adjust the distribution and priority of props in Death Race.

3. Interface:

Optimized the up and down icon on the right of the helicopter.

4. Error correction:

  • Fixed a bug that could not be changed to Grenades while using Paint Spray.
  • Fix iPhone X device incompatibility errors.
  • Fixed an issue where you cannot participate in the newly created “Lucky Festival”.
  • Fixed the issue of waiting too long while selecting Vehicles in Death Race.
  • Optimized the Death Race feature.
  • Fixed a bug where some weapons in Death Race could cause Self Damage.
  • Effectively adjusted Supply Barrel vision and light streaks in Death Race.

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That is what Rules Of Survival sends to gamers in this update, the above experiences will be updated by Rules Of Survival for gamers from 05h00 – 08h00 On July 4, in addition to the version of Rules of Survival on PC, you can also experience the new features mentioned above in the mobile version.

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