The most effective guide to using the AWP CSGO gun

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In this article, Taimienphi will focus on making CSGO AWP more dangerous and effective, the AWPer’s role in a team, and how you can become a better AWPer in general.

The AWP, whose full name is Arctic Warfare Police, is the most iconic weapon in Counter Strike history thanks to its laser-like accuracy and tremendous damage output. Unlike every other weapon in the game, the AWP can kill enemies in one shot, making it even more deadly in the hands of a pro gamer.

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AWP CSGO – The most powerful weapon in the game

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How to use the AWP CSGO gun most effectively

1. Basics of AWP
At $4750, the AWP is one of the most expensive weapons in the game. Players who want to try this deadly sniper rifle will have to spend at least a quarter of their total money to own them. First, before you try to buy an AWP, you need to make sure you know how to use it.

Huong Dan used to use awp csgo to understand the best 2

The AWP is a high-risk, high-reward weapon. The risk comes from the money you have to invest, but the reward is being able to kill an enemy with a single bullet, while some weapons you have to shoot a lot to kill the enemy. Equipping AWP will make you move significantly slower than wearing, so be very mindful of this trait.

2. Basics of AWP
The AWP is a powerful weapon that’s easy to carry and you’ll want to use them in every match, but a group of five AWPers puts you at a huge disadvantage. In eSports tournaments, you will see up to two AWPers per team. Since at the high level of CSGO, the player will probably only get one shot with the AWP before being killed. Choosing to be an AWPer is not a decision made lightly, as your team will depend on the accuracy of your shots. Losing the AWP will take a big hit to your team’s economy, while also giving your opponent a huge advantage for the rest of that round.

Huong Dan used to use awp csgo to understand the best 3

The role of AWPer is a huge responsibility and to be a successful one you need to understand exactly what is expected of you. In some cases, two AWPers on a team can work, however, it’s usually a good idea to stick to one AWPer. As an AWPer, you will have extremely quick reactions. If you are a good AWPer, when you see an enemy you need to kill them in a HIT shot.

3. Targets and positioning
As an AWPer you will always have to make sure that you are in a good position and can retreat at all times, being out for too long can bring many opponents and handling situations made worse by slow slow when firing AWP. Remember that the AWP is a very heavy weapon that slows you down, so use it when stationary and switch to a pistol or knife if you need to move.

Huong Dan used to use awp csgo to understand the best 4

Unlike other weapons in CSGO, you should aim for the body with the AWP, not the head. Aiming for the torso will save you more time than aiming for the head, as the AWP deals deadly damage even when shooting in the torso.

4. Team Tactics
As the team’s main AWPer, most of the time you won’t have teammates defending or attacking bomb locations. When sniping by yourself, you hold an important position because your job is to be in charge of an area. Let your teammates know smoke grenades are blocking your view or if they happen to spot someone. This will give the team an indication of what the enemy has left and where they can decide to attack.

Huong Dan used to use awp csgo to understand the best 5

As with every role in CSGO, you must learn to withdraw from areas as a way to protect yourself. When AWPing this is even more important as the area you are sniping towards will most likely have enemies trying to shoot you. It is important to consult your team before choosing an AWP. You need to consider how much money the team has, whether or not other people want to buy the AWP and whether it is the right time to use it.
In CSGO there are many types of weapons that players can use, each with different properties and uses, with the article about Top 5 The best weapon in CSGO will make it easier for you to choose which gun to use.

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