How to change weapons equipped in Campaign Legend

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As mentioned from the previous article, with each different game series, it has its own characteristics and important factors, different. In racing games, the quality of the car and the speed will decide, shooters like Campaigns of Legends, the strength – weakness, recoil, rate of fire will be the top priority.

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During the Legendary Campaign the longer the player plays, the more likely he or she will be to get or buy more guns. But in the first levels, the system will automatically equip gamers with two of the most basic guns, which are the MP5 machine gun and the AWM sniper gun.

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However, with the time and difficulty of the challenges, these will no longer be the right options to help players through the cards. Or for some reason, you don’t need to use them anymore and want to replace them with other weapons, so what to do? Let help you!

Change the main weapon in the game Campaign Legend

By default, when you start playing the game, you will be given the first weapon, which is the MP5 machine gun, followed by the AWM gun. These are the two main weapons and secondary weapons that mentioned in the article how to equip more guns in the game Campaign Legend

Step 1: From the main interface, you click on the item Warehouse.


Step 2: The 2 weapons the game offers us for use in the early stages will be marked as “Primary” and “Secondary”.

Group of weapons are in use

A pretty nice feature in Campaign Legend is that this game will automatically suggest to the player if there is a gun with more firepower than the one that is equipped, there will be an announcement “Suggestions” appear.

For example:

The blue M60 currently has a firepower of 1144, lower than the MP5 main gun. But since it’s a blue, 3-star gun (taller and better than the M65) we’ll upgrade the gun to use it.

Hints for replacement guns

Hints for replacing more powerful guns

As seen, the message “Hint” to replace the gun has appeared. And after upgrade, the firepower of the M60 lam was also much more deadly. You left click on it, choose to allocate.

Gun distribution

Step 3: Here, you guys Click 1 of 2 guns being equipped if need to replace any aperture, then click Change under.

Proceed to change guns

Guns selected to change will have a blue tick mark V as above

Step 4: Continue to choose OK to confirm the change.


Then we will see that the positions of the two guns have been changed.

Successfully exchanged guns

If we have the right weapon in the future, we can also use this way to equip our teammates.


Above is a detailed guide on how to change weapons in the Legendary Campaign game that you need to know to be able to equip yourself with more advanced weapons, better to overcome the challenge and easily complete. any mission.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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