How to fix Metro Exodus errors on Windows 10

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Metro Exodus is a great shooter on PC. However, if you are unlucky, Metro Exodus error on Windows 10, here’s how to help you troubleshoot.

Game Metro Exodus
Game Metro Exodus

How to fix Metro Exodus game errors on Windows 10

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    Reduce graphics settings in Metro Exodus

    If you’re playing Metro Exodus on your PC, which barely meets the game’s minimum system requirements, it could be because you’ve configured the graphics settings a bit too high.

    In addition, the PC’s graphics card may not be compatible with some in-game effects such as Ray Tracing and Hairworks. Furthermore, DirectX 12 mode can cause Exodus to crash on some PCs. Many players have confirmed switching to DirectX 11 can fix the problem. Here’s how to reduce graphics settings and select DX 11 in Metro Exodus:

    1. Open the game Metro Exodus as usual.

    2. Select Options on the game’s title screen.

    3. Then select item Video to open the options as shown below.

    Metro Exodus game graphics settings
    Metro Exodus game graphics settings

    4. Select preset Quality lower than the current setting.

    5. Convert DirectX to DX 11.

    6. You should also turn off Hairworks and V-Sync.

    7. Press Esc and Enter to apply the settings.

    8. Once done, do not restart the game.

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    Turn off fullscreen optimization and run Metro Exodus with administrative privileges

    1. Press Win + E to open File Explorer.

    2. Open the installation folder Metro Exodus, including files MetroExodus.exe of the game.

    Metro Exodus game directory
    Metro Exodus game directory

    3. Right click on MetroExodus.exe to choose Properties.

    4. Select Compatibilty on the window MetroExodus.exe Properties.

    5. Then click the boxes Disable full-screen optimizations and Run this program as administrator to select them.

    Metro Exodus game properties tab
    Metro Exodus game properties tab

    6. Press Apply to save the changed settings.

    7. Click OK to exit the game properties window.

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    Higher priority for Metro Exodus

    Metro Exodus is a game that requires a lot of system resources. Therefore, crashes may occur less often when you prioritize processor resources for the game. Proceed as follows:

    1. Start the game Metro Exodus.

    2. When in the title screen of the game, press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

    3. Select Task Manager on the small menu.

    4. Right-click the taskbar on the desktop and select Task Manager.

    5. Select tab Details shown directly below.

    Details tab
    Details tab

    6. Right click on the process Metro Exodus on tab Details and choose Set priority.

    Set the graphics processing priority for the game Metro Exodus
    Set the graphics processing priority for the game Metro Exodus

    7. Then select High on the submenu.

    8. Press the button Change priority in the dialog box that appears.

    Then go back and start playing Metro Exodus. Note, you need to set a higher priority for Exodus every time you open the game because this is not a permanent option.

  • Have you ever sped up your PC’s processor with overclocking software? If so, this could be the cause of Metro Exodus Windows 10 crash.

    Undo any overclock you’ve applied by restoring the CPU to its default settings. If you’re using overclocking software like MSI Afterburner, you have the reset option to restore system defaults.

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    Update graphics card driver

    To make sure your graphics card has the latest drivers, download its driver package from the NVIDIA or AMD web site. Here’s how to check your PC’s GPU details in Windows:

    1. Right click on Start to choose Device Manager on the WinX menu.
    2. Double click Display adapters to view the device’s directory.
    3. Right click on the graphics card listed there and select Properties.
    4. Write down the graphic card model configuration from the tab General.
    5. Click tab Driver from where you check the currently installed driver version.
    Graphics card properties tab
    Graphics card properties tab

    Then, open the driver download from the company web (NVIDIA or AMD) for the graphics card. Here, find and open its driver download page. Download the latest compatible driver package for your PC. Double-click the driver package in the folder where it was downloaded to install the new driver.

  • Above is how to fix Metro Exodus Win 10 crash. Hope the article is useful to you.

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