See the 3D design process for Hammond with amazing tongue movements

qua trinh thiet ke 3d hammond chuyen dong luoi kinh ngac - Emergenceingame

Mouth expressions are important, especially when the main character is the cute chubby Hasmter – and let’s not say anyone else, it’s Hammond (Wrecking Ball), the newest hero in Overwatch.

Wrecking Ball, also known as Hammond, officially arrived on the Overwatch server on July 24. This hero tank is designed to interrupt matches in Overwatch thanks to its speed as well as its ability. Recently, Blizzard released an Inside Overwatch video showing how the team of artists designed Hammond.

“Manipulating the cute mouth is just as important,” writes Blizzard. “Watch how character art artists Dylan Jones and Hak Lee use motion tools to embody Hammond.”

The 58-second video shows the artist moving parts of Hammond’s body – wagging his tail, chubby cheeks, and playing with Hammond’s nose. The control tools make character movement easy, can accurately move every part of the hero. “Technical animators create simple ways for animators to interact with complex structures like faces,” Blizzard said in the clip. Here’s an interesting point about Overwatch’s development, something we rarely see.

Wrecking Ball has been on the Overwatch test server for almost a month. Blizzard continued to tweak the character during that period. In addition, Blizzard also gave away Overwatch for free on the weekend when Wrecking Ball was released. New players had the opportunity to try this hero tank before deciding to buy the game.

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