The most effective defense in Pirate Kings

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Pirate Kings was spread at a dizzying speed like the previous Candy Crush Saga storm, due to hitting the player’s winning mentality, the Pirate Kings game was released for nearly a month, but its heat did not stop. reduction.

Many players were bitter when they saw how much effort their beautiful island had to build “flattening” only after an hour. But there are also many gloating smiles when successfully breaking the island or taking away other people’s gold coins. Since then, the player’s desire for revenge is higher than ever and the popularity of this game is still like a storm on the social network Facebook.

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To become the pirate king in the game Pirate Kings in addition to attacking skills, looting the wealth of other players, you also have to improve your defense skills to protect the safety of your beautiful island. Just a minute”blunder”, just a minute “woolgathering” is your work”into the river, into the sea” anytime. So, please refer to the following article to safely defend your island:

The most effective defense secret in Pirate Kings:

To defend and protect their island, players need to use shields (Defend) is reasonable to prevent merciless vandalism by other players. You can refer to the tips below:

1. Effective use of shields

Number of shields in Pirate Kings up to 3, when you have 3 shields, you turn right Defend, that 4th shield will be dropped into the sea. So use it before you want to receive more, to avoid wasting spins, as well as wasting effort. You want to check how many shields your island currently has, then look at the top right corner of the screen, you will see the icon of strange faces (as shown in the image below).

The most effective defense in Pirate Kings

At the same time, when you have enough 3 shields and the remaining spin is less than 50, you should stop spinning the wheel, if you accidentally turn the Defend box, it’s a waste of effort.

2. Accumulate spins

You need to accumulate the number of spins to increase your chances of hitting the box Defend. Because the probability to land on special slots like Steal, Attack, Spins or Defend is very low, so the only way is to own a lot of spins, but every 1 hour you will have 5 more spins, up to 50 turns. You can refer to more tips for earning spins in the game Pirate Kings effective.

The most effective defense in Pirate Kings

3. Solid defense

When attacking opponents, they often choose islands that have lost their protective shield, so the best way to protect your beautiful island is to own a shield, if you use most of the shield you must quickly replenish it to be sure. Make sure your island is safe.

According to the rules of the game, when you beat an island, you can get 300,000 gold, but if faced with the protection of armor, only get 100,000. It is the difference in the amount of gold received that opponents will “aim” Right when you don’t have any armor “flattened”.

The most effective defense in Pirate Kings

Be sure to defend yourself to quickly become the pirate king in the game Pirate Kings. WOMENIf you are new to the Pirate Kings game, you can refer to some more The secret to quickly conquering this pirate king game.

Have fun playing the game!

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