How to change skin in Minecraft

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Minecraft belongs to the sandbox game genre that is extremely famous for its interesting gameplay combining construction and survival elements … Although it does not have a beautiful interface, the graphics are not too excellent, if not dry, but This game again allows players to change Minecraft character costumes according to their preferences.

Although there is no feature in the game that allows the player to change the Mine skin, there are many ways to do this. And in the following tutorial, the writer will introduce you to the simplest yet most effective way to change clothes for Minecraft characters.

How to change the look of Minecraft characters

Before you begin, you need to check your computer and make sure you have the following conditions:

  • Notepad is available either Notepad ++
  • Install decompression software WinRAR

When the conditions are met, we start replacing the first steps to change skins in Minecraft.

Step 1: You use your computer web browser and visit one of the sites that provide skins for Minecraft games. As in this article, we will use the most popular page, that is Novaskin.

Home page

Step 2: Drag the options panel on the left to find the skin you want, left-click on it to display a larger display on the right.

Select Skin

Step 3: Not only choose, but on this page, we can also freely create shapes, change colors, patterns on the characters according to our preferences or to any character we want. The color options panel and the tool icons on this stage will help you with that. It all depends on your creativity and preferences.

When done, left-click on the icon Save above to save.


Step 4: A new interface appears, you can name your new character (Give me a name) or describe the character (description), then select Save to save.


Wait a moment for the new character creation confirmation page and then click on Download to download this new skin to your computer.


Step 5: Select a location to save this skin, then Save continue as usual.


Step 6: This is quite an important step, do it in turn:

  • Copy the downloaded skin into another file.
  • Rename these two files Alex and Steve.

Change name

Step 7: You click the icon Start in the lower left corner of the screen, enter % appdata% to access the game folder installed on your computer.


It will appear as shown below, click on the folder .minecraft.


Step 8: Access the versions folder, then copy the Minecraft version you are playing or the version you want to change the skin of the character in.

Because here I only play on one version (latest) is 1.11.2 so there will be no other versions. If you play in many different versions, a list will appear, select and copy the version you want to apply.


Then Paste it in the same location with the two skins just downloaded above (illustration).


Step 9: Double click the left mouse button on this copied file, we will see there are two files as below.


Step 10: Rename the two files in this, namely, add the word skin after the file name with the syntax:

Version name (space) skin

Maybe many players when opening this file will see more natives folder, you do not care about it, just rename two JSON files and compressed file (RAR file).

The word added has a space with the version name.

Change name

Do the same with the name of the external folder.


Step 11: Double-click on the JSON file to open it in Notepad.


If you don’t have a direct option, you can right-click the file and choose Next Open (or Open with …). A Windows window appears, click the Notepad icon and then OK.

If it is not present in the new window, click Browse … at the bottom and look in the computer.


Step 12: On the first line, you will see the version name, again add the skin later (note, there is still a space). Then choose File / Save to save your changes, then close Notepad.

Change name

Step 13: Right click on the icon of the archive and choose to open with WinRAR – Open with WinRAR.

Open the compressed file

The interface looks like below.

Main interface

Step 14: You click in turn according to the link:

assets / minecraft / textures / entity

Scroll down to find and delete the file named Alex (or alex.png).

Delete skin

Do the same with Steve (right click on the file, select Delete, or left-click on the file and then click the Delete icon in the toolbar).


Step 15: Select both skin files that we downloaded initially, left-click and hold, drag them to the open WinRAR interface to replace the two deleted files.

Change skin

After dragging in, you check whether the display of these two files is the same as the other files or not? If yes, then we are 90% successful.

The next thing is to left-click, hold and continue to drag the copied and renamed versions folder into the versions folder (as shown below).

Add version

Now you will see in the list of Mine versions that have added a new folder, this is also the version that we will choose to play in the game.

New version

Complete all operations, you open the game Minecraft on your computer and log in your Minecraft account to play as usual. But note, to select the new version that we just added above by, left-click Edit Profile and find, select a new version (the version has a skin name).

Open the game

You can check whether this new version is already in the game list or not by left-clicking on New Profile above. Click on the version list in Use version, select the version to use and then Save profile again.

Select version

And here are our results. The writer’s character has been changed to a skin with distinctive markings of personality.


With this detailed guide and if you are a connoisseur, you can take some time to design your own character’s new skin as you like.

The simplest way to change Minecraft skin

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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