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Clue Hunter is one of those puzzle games that gives you the opportunity to become a detective and proceed to collect clues to solve many different cases. What you need to do in Clue Hunter is to choose the right solution from the suggestions that each level provides. This article will provide you with some information about Clue Hunter and the answers you may need.

The investigative-themed games always have a special charm, arouse curiosity and urge players to find out the source of everything to solve the case. Puzzle game Clue Hunter is also built on the same concept. The game turns you into a famous detective, solving problems that customers ask. You do it by observing and making smart decisions.

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Answers in the game Clue Hunter

Each situation you encounter in Clue Hunter has only one solution. For example, your client’s husband is suspected of cheating. What will you do? Let help you solve the case faster and easier with the latest Clue Hunter answer.

1. Introduction to the puzzle game Clue Hunter

Clue Hunter is an intellectual game revolving around mysterious murders, unexplained disappearances and a series of brain-damaging but interesting sentences. Each level gives you many choices and you have to make the right choice to pass the current level and unlock the next level. Each choice will lead to a different outcome. It can be sweet or bitter. Therefore, before deciding, you need to think carefully, observe everything to find a reasonable solution. If you meet the customer’s requirements, you will receive a huge bonus.

a clue hunter

With addictive and fun gameplay, you’ll find a lot of fun in your quest for clues and discover what happens next. If the suggestions that the game gives you are not enough to help you conquer the challenges, please refer to the answer Clue Hunter shared by here.

2. Clue Hunter Answers

Clue Hunter not only provides fun entertainment, but also helps you train your brain and enhance problem solving. Above is the Clue Hunter answer that you can refer to whenever you need it.

If you have deleted or not downloaded Clue Hunter, you can download it directly using the link below to experience the game.

=> Link Download Clue Hunter for Android
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=> Link Download Clue Hunter for iPhone
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