Decode the terrifying secrets of the Dark Souls series (P.4)

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At the last minute of Dark Souls, the player as the protagonist will have to stand between two options: connect with the Flame, turn himself into firewood to prolong its existence; or give up to make it all dark. It’s very clear, because years later, in the prologue to Dark Souls II, the age of Fire continues, someone must have chosen to connect with the Flame (probably us, human beings). protagonist in Dark Souls, or possibly another unsung hero).​

In Part 2 of the series, centuries, even millennia have passed since the era of Lord Gwyn. Many dynasties were built and then perished in the fire-extinguishing cycle of fire. And in the present time, when Dark Souls II begins, is the age of Drangleic, a dynasty built by Vendrick with the help of his brother Aldia.


After ascending the throne, Vendrick was approached by a mysterious woman named Nashandra. Nashandra warns Vendrick about an army of Giants that will cross the sea and attack his kingdom. The best defense method is to attack, Vendrick decided to “kill the guard” and lead his army to destroy the Giants before they could invade the Drangleic. In the process, Vendrick also captured a few Giants for Aldia, a mad scientist with great talent, for experiments.


Using the Giant’s soul, Vendrick and Aldia create Golems, statues or living armor, and use them to build Drangleic Castle. Vendrick married Nashandra, and Drangleic seems to have reached the height of its prosperity. However, like every other kingdom that has ever existed in this world, prosperity and demise have always been linked in a never-ending circle.

The Drangleic enjoyed a flourishing peace for a time, before a potential disaster struck. The Giants, after being attacked, gathered to plan revenge. Under the Giant Lord’s leadership, they crossed the sea and headed straight for Drangleic Castle.


At the same time, the Flame showed signs of dying again. It was customary for the King of the realm, the one with the most powerful soul, to sit on the Throne of Want, which was apparently another form of the Furnace of the First Flame, to prolong the Flame. Vendrick obviously did not want to fulfill this duty, and that was another reason why he launched his attack on the Giants, in search of replacement souls.


With the souls of the Giants, Aldia created a Dragon, a caveman creature that existed before the circle of light and darkness began, in the hope that it would break the circle. In addition to this plan, Aldia had another plan, in case the Dragon couldn’t do what he wanted. Aldia created the Emerald Herald, a human-Dragon hybrid, to use her to prolong the Flame in place of Vendrick. The Herald fails, the Flame slowly dies down, and the Undead Curse begins. Drangleic became the land of lifeless Immortals.


In this turbulent situation, Vendrick, along with the knight he trusted so much, Velstadt, fled together and took refuge in the Undead Crypt, the resting place of the Undead, an “extremely safe” area. . There, Vendrick ordered Velstadt to guard the entrance, to keep himself away from something he feared.


The invaders were approaching, the king fled, and Drangleic was plunged into chaos. This is also the time when the main character – the player, an Undead, described as the Curse Bearer, appears. Bewildered because he has no memory, the player will be led on a journey in which he will be met by many characters, including Herald, Nashandra or Aldia. Each, wants to manipulate the player, with a purpose of their own.

(To be continued)

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