The big boss of League of Legends returns to PUBG

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If you are a gamer League of LegendsLeague of Legendsthen you may have heard of him Jung Hyun Kwon – one of the senior directors of Riot Games used to hold the position of Esports executive for League of Legends. Having spent 7 years working at Riot Games, he has made a significant contribution to the game MOBA This becomes a force in the e-sports village in Korea.


However, after a long time of contributing efforts, Mr. Jung Hyun Kwon suddenly changed direction and returned to join the rising phenomenon of the world gaming village. Yes that is PUBG. Specifically, Mr. Jung Hyun Kwon will take on his role as he did at Riot Games, which is the goal of helping PUBG invade the Esports segment.

Mr. Jung Hyun Kwon.

This is really a big step forward for PUBG Corporations (own company in charge of PUBG of Bluehole) in bringing PUBG stronger attack Esports. It also reflects that this game is hosting a series of major tournaments around the world, moving to world-class tournaments right in 2018. Mr. Jung Hyun Kwon with experience working at Electronic Arts Korea , Blizzard Korea and most recently Riot Games, will definitely help PUBG go even further in the future.


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