The millennial question: Where do the great knights earn money to always eat luxury meat and wine?

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Talking about the absurdities in swordplay stories are countless, from various types of airships flying between galaxies, breaking Newton’s laws of gravitation, to the true air flows through the back that are more real than human respiration. create. Leaving aside those difficult things for a while, we look for easier questions to answer, like how do heroes always have a lot of money, dress happily, treat friends, even though they rarely see them? he… works.


It’s surprising when the plowmen Unparalleled Pride found that answer, at the same time, the application creates its own golden-gold plow formula, preparing for the new server Hoang Duoc Su, launched 7/7.

Hoang Duoc Su – an example of getting rich and overcoming difficulties

What did the evil knight Hoang Duoc Su do to get the Dao Hoa Dao property? With thousands of taels of gold, the cost of renting accessories, buying cement, laying bricks, etc., a person who is not from the generation of ancestors like Dong Ta, cannot borrow money for money through mortgaging property, or saving each VND from opening the gate to welcome tourists. The same goes for playing Swordsman Wu Song, in order to be able to engage in gangster fighting, players need to earn a lot of gold keys to have a stronger character building base.


If according to the story of Kim Dung, Hoang Lao Ta himself took the effort to save the villains, and then used gratitude to force them to take care of everything, from the sanding to the island building… then the hero Ngao Kiem Wu Song also had to take care of himself. cordially invites teammates to support in activities such as Bi Canh, Thanh Van Phong, … to have the opportunity to own Toai Phien, strong Tu ca to sell a large amount of gold lock.

Thanh Van Phong is a famous place for farmers

In addition to lessons based on familiar relationships, old Dong Ta also teaches our juniors how to get rich “accumulating small into great”. Many conspiracy theories say that he opened dozens of small underground tours, earning every penny, in order to bypass the authorities. Applying this in a more positive way, the player of Wu Song Wukong can accumulate each lock gold coin through daily activities such as opening lucky bags, training schedules, destiny, boss paintings…

Boss hunting isn’t always this peaceful

Just follow Hoang Duoc Su and apply the two methods of plowing gold above, the farmer Ngao Kiem Wu Song can completely ensure his own survival before the war of the giants, at least not fall into a situation. “buffaloes fight, flies and mosquitoes die”.

Hoang Duoc Su – the most balanced server in 2018

Medals are equipment that enhance a character’s strength, and are valued for their number of attribute lines and effects. To own this equipment, players can only plow dedicated points to exchange, or recharge to buy.

Medals make the difference between players

According to information from NPH GOSU, the new server Hoang Duoc Su (July 7) is a very good opportunity for gamers to converge. Because cool items like Medals can no longer be purchased with money, “superheroes” will not appear as easily as before. This will definitely bring a balanced game experience to players.

Information confirmed by veteran players

It is known that the “Soldiers” with many years of fighting in the profession of pressing Huan and selling Huan have prepared clones of up to hundreds of accounts, just waiting for the day the server launches to make money. Along with the attraction of the Golden Weapon (50 million VND/item) of the Ngu Nien event, Hoang Duoc Su is promised to be the most worth-playing server of the Unparalleled Swordsman in 2018.

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