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Top 10 most popular organizations in manga/anime (P.1)

1. One Piece (One Piece)

The Royal Seven Seas, known as the Seven Seas for short, along with the “Four Emperors” and “The Navy” are the three most powerful forces in the world in One Piece. This organization consists of 7 members (reduced to 4 after the battle at Marine Ford), including the famous and powerful pirate captains in the world of One Piece, who have joined, become allies. alliance with the World Government.


2. Detective Conan

The real name of this organization is still unknown. This is a very mysterious criminal organization, except for Boss, all members of the organization have an alias that is the name of a wine. The real purpose of the organization is also a big unknown. Just know that this is an extremely powerful organization, sophisticated operation and scary ability, they possess poisons such as APTX4869 (the drug that makes Shinichi shrink), even Conan and the police or the FBI must also watch out for the Black Organization.


3. Team FFF (Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu)

This is an organization that is nowhere to be missed. This is a secret interrogation organization formed from Fumizuki Academy’s class F. They were dressed in black full-body robes with the letter F on their hoods and held scythes in their hands. The members of the FFF group are all single boys and no matter what happens, they always uphold one principle: “Do not destroy true love”.


4. Akatsuki (Naruto)

In Japanese meaning “Dawn” or “Dawn”) is a criminal organization in Naruto. The Akatsuki organization was founded by some of the best ninja characters in the series, all of whom committed crimes and betrayed their villages. The whole purpose of Akatsuki is to rule the world.


5. Rocket Squad (Pokemon)

The “Rocket Team” is an evil organization in Pokemon, consisting of Jessie, James, and Meowth. Despite being the villains in anime but they are also the most popular villains. This trio often go together to easily capture Pikachu of the boy Ash (Satoshi). Throughout the journey, this trio always failed in the mission to catch Pokemo and was blown into the sky. But not because of that to discourage the trio, they continue to come up with hilarious and unthinkable plans to capture Pikachu. However, they are not really bad guys but just because of the jostling circumstances and there are times when the trio cooperates with Ash’s group (Satoshi).


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