Revealing the latest images on the set of ‘Spider Man: Far From Home’

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After the disastrous “miss of mouth” phase of Tom Holland before, Sony Pictures also confirmed that the sequel to Spider-Man officially named Spider-Man: Far from Home. Currently, the British actor is embarking on filming the movie Spider-Man: Far From Home – the highly anticipated sequel of Spider-Man: Homecoming. The 22-year-old actor was recently seen walking around Hertfordshire (England) on Monday (July 2). Tom Holland currently on my way back to the set after going to buy a cup of coffee between scenes.​

Despite witnessing a traumatic end in Avengers: Infinity Warfans still know that one way or another, the heroes who are now turning into ashes after Thanos’ galactic genocide will be returned in the future. Avengers 4. This includes Peter Parker (Spider-Man) by Tom Holland, who “died” in Tony Stark’s arms (Iron Man) on the evil planet Titan of Thanos.


Filming for Far From Home started even though Avengers 4 There are still 11 months left until the official release. True to the title, this movie will take the boy Peter Parker to a number of countries outside the US, recently leaked photos give everyone a panoramic view on the set of the sequel film. Directed by director Jon Watts. Today, several people spotted the cast and crew members, including Tom Holland, at Bishop’s Stortford (UK). They are ready to start some of the first shoots. Accordingly, the writer Sophie Playle posted on his Twitter page: “Just happened to start a new week by seeing Tom Holland walk into the set where they’re filming the new Spider-Man movie, right around the corner from where I live.”

According to the source, Holland was filming in an abandoned building. Other details about the movie are still being kept under wraps, which is why it’s hard for people to theorize about the movie. Spider-Man how to resurrect? Infinity War. Currently, Kevin Feige (President Marvel Studios) just shared that Peter Parker will be taking a vacation away from home, which is already evident in the main title. It can be seen that in these first scenes, Peter Parker is still just wearing a normal costume without transforming into Spider-Man, nor has any action scenes.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Will be released on July 5, 2019.

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