Startled when the super product Far Cry 5 is lighter than expected

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FPS is always the leading game series in terms of graphics in the virtual world. Every year, the rookies branded as FPS are continuously upgraded in image quality, making gamers overwhelmed with the most trendy technologies. Far Cry 5 – 2018’s FPS masterpiece Ubisoftis not an exception.

Bringing players to an extremely large open world environment with wonderful landscapes of the American countryside, Far Cry 5 is competing directly for the position of this year’s FPS village king. But it is worth mentioning that the price to exchange for that great graphics background… is really too cheap.


Correct. Far Cry 5 The PC version is being hailed by review sites as a startlingly light FPS title. Using configurations that can only run games well a few years ago, some Websites can still push Far Cry 5 to high graphics with stable frame rates. Guru3D with its detailed performance review is the clearest proof of the game’s ultimate capabilities. There with Full HD 1920×1080, GTX 780ti – a graphics card released in late 2013, can still reach 51 fps at Ultra Setting. Meanwhile, with a newer card, the GTX 1060, the frame rate is also up to 69 fps. At the same level with lower card models like GTX 770 or GTX 1050, the frame rate also fluctuates at an acceptable level of 30-35.


When pushed to 4K (1440p) resolution, some older cards like the GTX 970 or 780 still have a standard fps rate of 30 while the more advanced cards like the 1070ti and 1080 are still overweight Far Cry 5 with fps is 73 and 81 respectively. All these numbers prove Far Cry 5 Compared to the current ground, it is indeed much lighter than gamers imagine. Even compared to the co-director who shared the same roof as Assassin’s Creed Origins, Far Cry 5 is even more optimized than one level.


Presently Far Cry 5 was officially released on PC/Console, adding more opportunities for the gaming community to want to “carry” this super product right away. All information about the game will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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