The love story of the LoL couple with a 5-year age difference and a happy ending

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People often say “Like 10, love 5, choose 1”. Any couple who loves each other hopes to be able to come together for a long time. However, whether they can go together to the final destination or not depends a lot on the word “destiny”. And when it comes to the love that is winged by “charming game”, maybe the game League of Legends would be very proud to be the bridge for countless happy landing couples.

The love story of the couple born in 1999 and the wife born in 1994 in the sharing below is a typical example of the love that is winged thanks to such “charming game”. Despite the big age difference, the couple’s sister-sister love story still makes many gamers “heavy” when they overcome many challenges together to get married. Indeed, love is inherently a difficult thing to say because once the heart has fluttered, age is no longer a barrier.


The guy with the Facebook nickname Vu Dua Rua – is also the “childish” husband in the story sharing that the two accidentally met each other when he recruited a support person. Despite losing continuously, both sides were very happy. After chatting with each other, the guy was dumbfounded when he knew that the girl was 5 years older than him. The guy was born in 1999, and the girl was 1994, but the male gamer still refused to call his friend “sister”. The two gradually became close to each other through the games that followed.

“Then one fine day, I realized that I had loved her from time immemorial. So whatever happens has to happen, I asked her regardless of age. It doesn’t matter to me, neither does she.” Since that time, at any time in the game, the pair of “deviated chopsticks” have always stuck together.


But something unexpected happened when the girlfriend suddenly “sticks” pregnant. The family did not accept because the couple had too much age difference. However, despite those barriers, the two made a very bold decision: “This trip is not allowed by the family, so they take their suitcases and run away.” Despite scolding, both families later agreed.


“Then the boy was born, later when he grows up, I also want him to have a beautiful love like his father and his mother. Whoever said the game is virtual, we have turned that virtual reality into reality, not as beautiful and sparkling as people but rustic and happy.”


A happy ending worthy of the couple’s efforts, surely this couple is very happy with their small home. On behalf of Emergenceingame.Com as well as the player community League of Legends in general, wish the couple’s love forever happy with their current love!​

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