Watch Goku Black feed Trunks in Dragon Ball FighterZ

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If you follow the Anime series of 7 Dragon Balls You must have known Goku Black.. the dark and cruel version of Monkey Baby. It is because of this character’s notoriety that as soon as the super product fights Dragon Ball FighterZ When he spoke, Goku Black also officially greeted the field right after that. However, the absolute power of this warrior is only revealed in the game’s latest trailer, allowing gamers to enjoy the combos with brutal moves to crazy people.


Dragon Ball FighterZ – Goku Black game trailer.

For those of you who don’t know, Goku Black is actually the North Kai of the 10th Universe named Zamasu. In the future with having to witness constant wars on Earth, Zamasu has gradually developed a strong hatred for humanity. There he killed his mentor Gowasu who was a Supreme Kai and took the Ring of Time. With 7 Super Dragon Balls in hand, he “wishes” to swap bodies with Goku in the future, thereby taking over his body and killing him in his old form. With a completely new strength and physique, he began his conquest through countless planets and universes to destroy countless human civilizations.


Because of the strength of the position of a god Kai and the physical strength of the Monkey, Goku Black brings crazy power ready to defeat the most powerful warriors of the 7 Dragon Balls. In the trailer of Dragon Ball FighterZ You can recognize Goku Black’s signature moves that revolve around the ability to create swords or scythes from his internal strength.


Dragon Ball FighterZ will officially release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One later this month. Until then, gamers can experience the power of the infamous Goku Black firsthand.​

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