Dota 2 – Breaking the curse, OG is the first team to successfully defend the title of The International

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Recalling last year, when OG took the throne at TI 8 with a patchwork of rosters due to the departures of Fly and S4 at a time when this prestigious tournament was about to begin, everyone said it was a miracle”. Miracle, miracle is like that, but at the same time it also means that it is a miracle that is unlikely to happen. It reflects the fact that quite a lot of people think that OG has a TI crown that is not really deserved, with countless reasons that they can give. However, all those doubts were quelled yesterday, when OG once again raised the Aegis shield with congratulations from everyone.


OG’s journey at The International 2019 this year has been a journey of the strong, as they show off a Dota that surpasses all the rest of the world. Before TI, people often mentioned the VP, Liquid, Secret or PSG.LGD… But when TI took place, all had to bow their hats to OG.

Undefeated in the group stage (won 6 draws 2), OG took the 1st place in Group B to bravely advance to the Main Stage. From that moment, the doubts about the defending champion’s poor performance after TI 8 ended, all had to hold their breath before the play. Dota 2 convincing OG. However, the journey to protect OG of N0tail and his teammates has not stopped there.


Newbee, EG and PSG.LGD, OG respectively beat them all to soon have the final battle as the champion of the winning bracket. For the first time since Na`vi at TI2, a Dota 2 team has a chance to defend the championship at the tournament. electronic Sports has the largest total prize money this year.

A final match will not be complete, if the two opponents do not have a balance in strength. And this time, no one doubted about OG’s opponent, when it was Liquid, one of the “four pillars” that people often talked about before TI, but had an extremely “bumpy” road when TI9 take place. Contrary to OG, Team Liquid had an extremely difficult group stage, which resulted in them having to start the Main Stage in the losing bracket. However, also from the losing bracket with the first “Bo 1 of Death”, the TI7 champion seems to have awakened, and has a “all-win” streak to reach the losing bracket final. On their way, Fnatic, TNC, RNG, EG, Secret had to fall one by one. And finally, PSG.LGD – the last representative of the host country China – was the first team to win a game against Team Liquid in the Main Stage, but that was all they did. Winning 2 – 1, Team Liquid became OG’s opponent in the grand finals. The battle of the last 2 TI champions to break the TI curse (no team has ever won twice at TI). The International).


The match between OG and Team Liquid once again proved how terrifying OG’s power is. In all 4 games, OG were the dominant players. If in game 1, Team Liquid had a dream “flip” phase to take the lead, in the following 3 games, they did not do it. With a convincing 3-0 win, OG not only broke the TI curse, taking home more than 15 million dollars in prize money, but also was the first team to defend the championship at this prestigious tournament, which certainly also It won’t be long until another team does it (at least until TI11).


Once again, congratulations to OG on this well-deserved crown of The International 2019. Without a doubt, until now, this is the strongest, greatest and most successful team in Dota 2 in the world.​

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