Blade II: The Return of Evil announces Beta release date

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If you constantly follow Emergenceingame.Com, you must have known Blade II: The Return of Evil – The sequel to the famous Blade series and is holding the position as the game with the most crazy graphics in the village. ARPG Currently. Through the first gameplay sequences shown, indeed Blade II make gamers admire with beautiful 3D frames and fiery combat system on the screen.

Now, after a long time of making fans wait, Blade II: The Return of Evil has officially opened the Beta version, opening the opportunity for this ARPG title to be released right in 2018.

Blade II game trailer.


Accordingly, the publisher Kakao Games and development team Action Square has officially announced that Blade II will enter the Closed Beta phase this February in its home country of Korea. This information marks the first time gamers have experienced Blade II firsthand, even though it is limited to the territory of the land of Kim Chi. For foreign gamers, this is also a good sign even though it is not possible to directly test the game, simply because it shows that Blade II is not far from the official release date. Above all, as well as the first version, Blade II will certainly be widely released in the international market after the domestic version is released. The problem here is just a little more patience of gamers.


Blade II: Return of Evil As mentioned, let gamers experience a true ARPG masterpiece with combat mechanics that can be classified as “crazy”. The killing phase, skill development, right and right conflict between all the enemy troops .. really like the discharge of electricity running down the back of the gamer. Therefore, when released, Blade II will surely create a real storm on the mobile game village.


All information about Blade II: Return of Evil will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.​

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