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Buying gamer This is a surprise, as Ryoma is a Australian gamer will be released LCS as a member of 100 Thieves.

Ryoma is an inexperienced player in the big arenas. Historically, LCS teams have preferred to use foreign gamers already well known and proven in major leagues, like Korea and Europe.


After it was announced that Ryoma would make a puzzle piece for formation LCS of 100 Thieves, PapaSmithy was quick to explain why it was decided to pick this guy – especially after looking at famous mid laners in the country, like Pobelter and Damonte.

According to the general manager, Ryoma’s selection was the result of him impressing during his audition, including showing off his high skills. The team also seems to be prioritizing communication, as English fluency is also a factor in Ryoma’s favor. PapaSmithy also said that the decision to sign Ryoma was unanimous.



“Among the players we’ve talked to and watched, there’s no one as good as Ryoma and everyone agrees to put him in the position. mid laner

Ryoma is not the first player from Oceania to compete in the LCS, with other Australians such as Lost and FBI – Ryoma’s former teammates – having previously represented Echo Fox and Golden Guardians.

This is the first time, however, that an Australian gamer has been signed as a starter for an LCS roster at the start of the season – in 2020, he will be the first choice for the position. 100 Thieves mid laner for the Spring Split.

With the addition of Ryoma, 100 Thieves now complete the starting lineup for 2020 season. To fans of the team, the lineup looks familiar, with three gamers from their original 2018 lineup – Ssumday, Meteos and Cody Sun – all set to return in 2020.

Full roster of 100 Thieves in LCS 2020:

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