The famous YouTuber is suspected of using fake money for charity and the unexpected truth behind

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If you regularly follow the community Youtuber nice streamer international, MrBeast or Jimmy Donaldson is not a strange name. He is famous for his kind heart, ready to donate a huge amount of money to charity or help trainee streamers who are struggling to grow from zero. In the latest video, he appeared with a lot of cash to give to anyone in difficult circumstances, but later, this Youtuber was accused of fraud because a few observant viewers discovered the whole thing. the money he filmed in the video is all fake money.

The clip was posted by MrBeast on November 23, where he claims to have set up a “free bank” to give cash to anyone in need without asking for a refund. While the YouTuber’s kindness moved many people to tears, some viewers accidentally discovered that the dollar bills appearing in his videos were all counterfeit money, because instead of the words “The united States of America” ​​is familiar, on the note there is the word “Motion Picture”. Therefore, many people have accused him of cheating to gain fame.


After the controversy, MrBeast recently posted a forum to explain this problem. Accordingly, the money appearing in the video is exactly fake, but he has a reason to do so. The YouTuber said that the reason he used fake money was to ensure the safety of those involved:

“Imagine that there are hundreds of people gathered here waiting to receive your charity money. If you use real money, a lot of risks are possible. For example, when I give you $10k and you walk out the door, everyone else knows you have money in hand – this is not safe at all. As a responsible person, I cannot do that.”


Instead of giving to charity with fake money as alleged, the YouTuber said he gave them a check at the end live stream. Counterfeit money is just a prop to prevent theft and disputes that lead to bodily harm. Moreover, MrBeast said that his budget for this charity is very large, up to “6 figures”, so he can’t really bring cash there.

Not only is he kind, but he also thinks for others, this is why he is beloved by everyone as “Good Samaritan” (kind person, always helping others).

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