Still calmly livestreaming after the scandal, Kieu Anh Hera deserves the “charismatic” standard of the year

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Maybe there’s no need to go into too much detail, just mention the name Kieu Anh Hera or the “7 horns” issue, many people already know about the “know-what-is-something.” It is the love scandal between her and her ex-lover that has stirred up the online community in recent times.

For any normal person, especially a girl, when exposed to sensitive private matters like this, even being threatened with a “hot” clip on the internet would be extremely difficult. depressed. And perhaps this is also the big storm in my life Kieu Anh Hera. In the midst of thousands of bricks and stones of public opinion, there are also many people who feel embarrassed for this beautiful female streamer when thinking that she will take a lot of time after that to stabilize her spirit and rebuild her image. his statue. But no, things seem to be moving in a positive direction faster than we think.


Just one day after appearing with a sad, pitiful image, crying on the livestream explaining the incident, apologizing to family and fans, Kieu Anh Hera immediately returned to her livestream work. with an extremely “indomitable” spirit: “The earth is still spinning no matter what, so I’m going to earn money to support myself.”


Amidst the public opinion is still boiling with curiosity, digging up the truth behind the incident, but our female streamer still tries to act like nothing, still calm, calmly continues to work on livestream on her personal facebook page. its own person. Even with dense frequency.

Thanks to this scandal, the amount of interaction and tracking in each of her livestreams increased dramatically compared to before.

It is this extreme calmness of Kieu Anh Hera that makes many people doubt that this is actually just a play, a famous PR trick, nothing more. These speculations were pushed to the climax more than ever when a photo of Kieu Anh Hera and Kieu Anh Hera appeared on the internet. Shyn – the same ex-lover who created her scandal this time – was playing cards in a room with a few other friends. The photo is said to have been taken recently when many people noticed the newly made nails that she “showed off” in the recent apology livestream as well as a selfie on facebook.

The picture is said to be Kieu Anh Hera and Shyn playing cards together recently


This raises the question of whether the “seven horns” seal is just a spectacular trick, a “dirty” PR trick of the insiders, especially the tragic heroine Kieu. Brother Hera? Before this rumor, she has not made any response.

The latest developments are updated from Kieu Anh Hera’s facebook page, it seems that she is going on a long trip with her friend to relieve the pressure after the recent scandal.


The truth behind the incident like, only the insiders themselves understand the most. Whatever you say, you still have to admire Kieu Anh Hera’s strong will and calm when she can stand firm in front of all public opinion to continue her work!

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