The gaming community is “crazy” before the first exam of the National High School Exam 2018

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This morning (June 25), candidates taking part in the 2018 National High School Exam started taking the first exam, Literature and Literature, with a time of 120 minutes. This is also the only exam in the form of an essay.


Immediately after the first pictures of this year’s writing exam were shared by netizens on social networks, many people were confused and confused when most of them said that the topic was “quite sweet”. compared to the common ground. Once again, this has become the focus of discussion among netizens from the morning until now, and especially among gamers and the community, most of which are students.


Let’s see how our gamers feel after the first exam in Literature!

Walking through many groups or game forums, we can easily come across many gamers lamenting difficult exam questions or reviewing “off the shelf” of many gamers. The difficult exam makes many candidates feel depressed and frustrated because they can’t do the test, even everything that happens in the first exam also creates pressure and anxiety before the next exam days.​

However, there are also some people who think that this year’s topic is really difficult, but it is difficult for the common ground, so there is nothing to worry about because maybe the school’s benchmarks have also dropped significantly.


No matter what, the first exam has ended, the candidates’ job now is to put aside their anxiety, focus their energies and calm down to prepare well for the exams. Upcoming. Finally, I wish the students of the year to successfully complete the National High School Exam this year with the best results!​

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